Imaging / Image Tuning Services

InnoWave has unmatched expertise in the world of vision, in-depth expertise in the areas of firmware development for video processing, embedded systems and many others.


Video images are typically first captured by a lens and sensor. These raw images could have noise from the environment, poor color, limited lighting and many other issues that impact the image quality. In addition to that the fact that some use-cases may require tuning for human perception while some others for machine vision. 

InnoWave providing a complete solutions which include software drivers, 3A libraries (auto-exposure, auto-white balance and auto-focus), calibration, and tuning tools. 

We develop, port, optimize custom imaging algorithms and deliver the most optimal solutions for various use-cases.


  • Camera characterization (shading, distortion) and calibration for both intrinsic and extrinsic parameters

  • ISP Tuning for various camera parameters - color & white balance accuracy, sharpness, noise, tonal response, dynamic range, optical distortion, etc.

  • 3A tuning and algorithms: Auto exposure, Auto white balance, Auto focus.

  • Other algorithms: HDR, Low light, LED flash, etc.

  • IQ tuning for human vs machine vision.

  • Low light image / video enhancement.

  • Custom image recognition algorithms.

  • Custom noise removal, EIS, array camera and other algorithms.


Complete camera systems using standard or custom frameworks on a range of embedded platforms:


  • Camera driver development and system integration.

  • Camera framework development, customization & integration.

  • Camera calibration for estimating intrinsic and extrinsic parameters.

  • System & application-level performance optimization for various camera features.

  • Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence


Contact us for detailed information about our off-the-shelf camera modules line and our customized camera modules design services. 

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