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Enabling Edge AI Solutions Powered by

NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Deep Expertise in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

We apply deep expertise in machine learning and computer vision development services for the full lineup of NVIDIA Jetson platforms

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As an official NVIDIA partner, InnoWave provides design services and consulting to assist in creating embedded edge applications using the NVIDIA Jetson Platforms. InnoWave leverages its expertise in NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate R&D centers in delivering next-generation edge devices based on the Jetson platform to the market.We are experienced in GPUs accelerating software, optimizing neural network interface performance through TensorRT for a variety of machine learning frameworks, including TensorFlow, PyTrorch, Caffe, and others. 

InnoWave has unmatched expertise in the world of vision, in-depth expertise in the areas of computer vision and firmware development

for video processing, embedded systems and many others.

We build and train models using supervised (classification or regression-based), unsupervised (clustering or association based) and

reinforcement (reaction to an environment based) learning techniques.

We optimize the model for maximum accuracy, and ensure it meets the customer requirements.

Moreover, InnoWave support with software drivers, image quality tuning, camera modules design and more.


  • Custom Neural Network development.

  • NVIDIA CUDA® Kernel level programming.

  • Running inference in realtime - object detection, object tracking, human pose estimation.
  • Model benchmarking & optimisations.

  • Realtime video encoding/decoding.

  • Building complex Deepstream pipelines.

  • TAO toolkit integration.

  • Working with hardware-synced cameras

  • Running Computer Vision tasks in realtime - depth estimation, optical flow, etc

  • Realtime processing of multiple 8-12MP cameras.

  • Facilitating NN execution with Nvidia Triton Inference server. 

  • Offloading execution to a remote server (Nvidia Triton Inference Server)

  • Customization of Triton execution through hand-tailored optimized Nvidia DALI plugins.

  • BSP customization, driver support for cameras and other peripherals, like gyro, accelerometers, GPS, GMSL links.

  • Assisting in migrating existing solutions to the latest JetPack release.

  • ISP Tuning / Image Quality Tuning


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