System On Module (SOM)

System on Module (SoM) solutions are small form-factor and ready-to-use processor modules which enable to accelerate time-to-market for an embedded product.

NXP based Solutions

i.MX RT Series - Arm® Cortex®-M7/M4/M33

  • Coming soon

i.MX 8 Series - Cortex-A53, Cortex-A72, Cortex-A35 + Cortex-M4

  • i.MX 8M Mini

  • i.MX 8M Nano

  • i.MX 8M Plus – Coming Soon


i.MX 7 Series - Cortex-A7 + Cortex-M4

  • i.MX 7Solo


Intel based Solutions

Cyclone® V SoC FPGAs

  • Cyclone V SoCs - 484 BGA package

  • Cyclone V SoCs - 896 and 672 BGA packages



Communications Boards

NXP based Solutions

  • Layerscape LS204x/8x

  • Layerscape 1028/1046A​

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