Industrial Design Services 

The appearance of the product is the first thing that your customer will encounter. That is why you should not overlook the industrial design part in your product development process. The role of industrial design is to create a desirable product that provides excellent user-experience and satisfies the primary product function. New product design will require a balanced mix between the customer needs, attractive form and feel, and technical expertise to execute.


Our industrial design team will help you to develop a desirable product. We will research the market of existing products to understand where your idea stands at and will come up with creative concept designs for your future product. The concept design will serve as a starting point for the final design of your product. InnoWave mechanical design expertise will help on the stage of prototyping and manufacturing where the precession is crucial.


Depending on your needs, our team can help you on various stages of product design, whether it is new product development, concept design, industrial design, mechanical design or optimization of existing shape for new electronic components.

Proficiencies: SolidWorks, Adobe Suite, MODO, Fusion 360

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