Financial Consultancy

InnoWave offers  financial, business development and  operational Consultancy aimed at SMB’s and Start-Up companies. 

Our services includes strategic planning, business and financial planning, market research, competitors’ analysis etc.

We advise  Start-Up companies and SMB’s on preparation of professional and appealing Executive summaries, Investor Presentations or prepare it for them.

We offer services of efficiency and cost saving planning and follow-up their execution.

Our large network of influential, professional people worldwide and collaboration with strategic partners enable us to further expand our offering.

We act as a liaison between companies in need of investments and potential investors and to this end we also offers an assessment of the company readiness for investment.

We have direct access to firms and experts  in arranging IPO and collaborate with others.

As a complementary services to our customers we acts as a promoter of commercial transactions.


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