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Customized Camera Modules Design

Customized Camera Modules Combine High Image 

Quality and Best Price-Preformance Ratio

 Customized Camera Modules on Demand., Cost-Effective and Time-to-Market Camera Modules Scaled

to Your Needs From 1MP to 108MP

InnoWave offers a wide range of camera solutions for Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Security, Robotics, Retail, Smart Cities, and many more market segments. There are many occasions when an off-the-shelf camera does not meet the specific requirements of a particular application.

This challenge is addressed by providing hardware and software customization such as form factor customization, lens fixation, ISP tuning and custom driver development, etc. 



  • OEM and custom camera design and manufacturing 

  • Design in accordance to the requirements (eg. size, thermal management, EMC, ruggedization, power consumption, performance, price, etc)

  • Compact form factors with a variety of resolutions (Up to 108MP)

  • Custom sensor/lens integration and alignment

  • FPGA based cameras for unique custom solut

  • Camera adapter boards design

  • Sensor driver development

  • Turn-key image quality tuning services for both module and system levels. 

  • Supported image sensors - Sony, Omnivision, Samsung, OnSemi, GalaxyCore, Hynix, Himax and SC SmartSens.

  • MIPI, USB, 3D Cameras, ToF Cameras and Stereo Cameras

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