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About us

InnoWave group is a global provider of technology solutions, products and services with established capabilities spanning marketing research, design and development, product and process engineering, design for manufacturability, as well as technical support across a widely diversified range of high-mix, high-value and complex products with an unparalleled experience in transforming innovative ideas into a full fledged products. 


InnoWave has built know-how and intellectual property with domain expertise in printing and imaging, networking and communications devices, handheld interactive scanning and computing products, advanced storage systems and devices, financial-related equipment and technology, industrial, power and energy-related products, medical and healthcare devices, life science equipment and many more.

Our scope is real impact the quality, the eficient and the performance of the process involved in. We create and implement professional tailor made solutions that integrate the latest communication technologies, embedded electronics, sensors, autonomous system and more.

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